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There are lots of training companies and classes out there, but we believe that the best way to learn is through experience. We’ve developed custom, hands-on activities and limited the lecture portions of our classes so that students spend as much time as possible feeling what it’s like to succeed so they can recreate those feelings and experiences back at work.

Lean + Simulation


– Learn the principles of Lean including how to see and eliminate waste within your organization
– Practice the principles and tools of Lean during an engaging simulation where you’ll build working products and see the effects of your improvements
– OUTCOME: Individuals leave the class with an understanding and plan for how to improve processes, cut costs, and increase excitement in the workplace

Six Sigma + Simulation

DURATION: Full-Day / 24 hr / 36 hr

– Learn how simple statistics can help your company solve problems, simulate solutions, and track improvements to accelerate your company’s growth
– Defend against a horde of problems during a simulation where students will apply the Six Sigma process to beat the clock and tackle the most important variables in their process
– OUTCOME: Students leave with a knowledge of the Six Sigma (DMAIC) process and how they can use it to make the biggest impacts possible for the least amount of investment

High Performing Teams + Simulation


– Experience what it’s like to be on a high performing team as you work together to set and iterate towards a goal while working on an actual NASCAR race car
– Race against the clock and compete against other teams in the Pit Crew Challenge where you’ll see how team dynamics and small changes can lead to major improvements in your company
– OUTCOME: Participants leave having experienced highly effective teamwork and return to their jobs with new enthusiasm and specific ideas for improving team dynamics and productivity in the workplace


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