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Save yourself the constant hassle of trying to find the right manufacturer to fit your needs. We’ve traveled the globe and have assembled a dream team of over 1,000 manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to produce products in the US or China, our network has the perfect solution for you.


Learn what our private network can do for you:

Finding Manufacturers

– Find out whether the risk of manufacturing overseas actually outweighs the cost of manufacturing in the US
– Go direct-to-factory without having to deal with trading companies or scammers
– Don’t limit yourself just to sites like Alibaba when looking for a good manufacturing partner


– Learn how you can prevent a majority of quality issues by changing the way you work with your manufacturer
– Rather than just telling you when a quality issue exists, we’ll tell you how to fix it and prevent it in the future
– Put the right procedures in place to build quality into your processes rather than catching issues later

New Product Introduction

– Get new products to market faster by using our network of thousands of manufacturers we can call on any time
– Innovate in your industry by getting new products or working with manufacturers to alter existing products
– Stay ahead of the technology curve by getting informed of new products as soon as they’re available


– We speak the 4 languages you need when working with manufacturers: English, Engineering, Business, and Chinese
– It’s important to visit your factory to build trust, clarify expectations, and resolve issues; let us go with you to help
– Get a better idea of what’s really going on in your factory. Factory translators are good, but they tend to miss a lot


– Differentiate your company by getting products specifically designed to meet your customer’s needs
– Create your own brand of products by adding your logo and artwork
– Develop custom packaging to set yourself apart from your competition

US vs. International

– Learn when it makes sense to manufacture overseas and when it’s actually cheaper to keep it in the US
– Too many companies make poor decisions when finding manufacturers, get informed of the pros and cons
– Calculate comparable prices for manufacturing around the world to make the best decision

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