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There can be a lot of frustrations with manufacturing, and they can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year if you aren’t able to address them. At Rover, we make sure you get the personalized attention your business deserves because we know that every business is different and has unique challenges.

Because each situation is different, our US manufacturing consultants strive to remain objective as we analyze many different options for your company to determine which strategy will save your company the most money possible. We’ll walk through each of the different scenarios together and answer any questions you may have as you decide what will work best for you.

Our consultants work with you and your team to highlight areas of your company you would like to improve. We then provide the information you need to make informed decisions to get to the next level. Regardless of what resources you need, we’re here to help you safely get to where you want to go.

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Whether you are trying to find quality US manufacturers, are fed up with low quality production, or are currently losing business to overseas manufacturers; we have you covered. See all the services Rover has to offer:

Network Manufacturing

With thousands of network partnerships worldwide we merge vertical integration and network sourcing to:
– Increase earnings by eliminating hidden costs and getting new customers, projects, and capabilities
– Bring business back to the US by improving the domestic manufacturing landscape
– Increase your market share by learning how to compete both domestically and internationally


Your company’s success is directly related to your employee’s ability and interest in making it happen. Our personalized training programs will:
– Increase innovation by empowering your employees to find and suggest improvements
– Improve quality by giving your team the tools and processes they need to solve problems
– Increase collaboration as your employees develop understanding and foster parallel skills

Process Improvement

Customers constantly demand things better, faster, and cheaper. Continuous improvement is no longer optional. We dissect and optimize your production process to:
– Increase margins by eliminating waste in your processes
– Beat your competition by solving problems to improve quality and lead times
– Accelerate growth by creating an environment where perfection isn’t so impossible


It’s not about robots taking over the world or eliminating jobs, automation can be as simple as standardizing your processes to:
– Save money by determining whether automation is actually the best decision for your company
– Decrease variation in your processes as you standardize and simplify the work to be done
– Increase bandwidth as dull or dangerous jobs are replaced so your workforce can use human creativity in more productive ways


The most successful companies are comfortable working with new markets, capabilities, and even younger generations:
– Enter new markets by getting the certifications, expertise, and resources you need
– Find younger employees to fill the skills gap by learning how to work together across generational differences
– Increase revenue by diversifying your revenue streams and offering new capabilities

“I would recommend Rover to anyone looking for manufacturing help.” – T. Daily

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