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Working and communicating with Chinese manufacturers can easily become a challenge. Key details often get lost in translation, leading to inefficiencies and sub-par production. To ensure the best results possible it’s essential to have someone who can effectively manage these relationships.

At Rover, our Chinese manufacturing consultants are experienced engineers who are fluent in both English and Mandarin. We specialize in overseas engineering communication, training, on-site factory audits, and quality control.

Being one of the only US-based consulting groups that speak both languages, we have the unique ability to identify problems within your manufacturing and fix them, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. And with a network of thousands of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors we can guide you to make the most cost-effective business decisions possible.

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Learn how our consultants can reduce Chinese manufacturing costs and improve your company’s bottom line:


Lots of companies rely on Alibaba or trade shows to find manufacturers. We promise there’s a better way to:
– Increase margins by going direct-to-factory instead of dealing with trading companies and manufacturer’s reps
– Improve quality by finding the best manufacturing partner for your specific needs
– Customize your products by working directly with the manufacturer’s engineering and development teams


Companies often invest lots of time and money into training their local employees, but often overlook opportunities to help foreign partners be on the same page. Our bilingual training programs will:
– Improve collaboration by helping your Chinese factories understand your vision for the company
– Generate new ideas from your factory workers by empowering them to solve problems
– Decrease turnover by offering unique value and training to your Chinese factory employees

Supply Chain Management

Many companies experience frustrations that could be prevented by having someone close to the factory to manage projects and:
– Avoid emergency trips by letting us be your eyes, ears, and feet on the ground in China
– Prevent problems before they happen. Our engineering background helps us recognize and fix potential pitfalls
– Get to market faster. We don’t just speak Chinese, we also speak Engineering and Business to make sure all aspects of your supply chain work together smoothly

Quality Improvement

Many companies don’t realize that the root cause of most quality concerns in China originate in
themselves, not their Chinese factory. We can help you:
– Decrease defects by eliminating the root causes of your quality concerns
– Decrease iterations to get things done right. Let us help you get problems fixed or get a new product to market faster
– Increase revenue by building quality into your products so you get better customer response and less returns

Factory Visits

Visiting factories in China is one of the best things your company can do to increase your chances for success in the market. It effectively allows you to:
– Protect yourself and your intellectual property by building your relationship with your factory the right way
– Gain insights by letting us translate what your factory is really saying about you instead of missing things from the factory’s translators
– Save money by using the time on your trips to explore cost-saving opportunities and negotiate better payment terms and prices

“Very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Rover Manufacturing.” – P. Jay

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