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A commercial electronics company in the western United States was buying all of their products from big name brand companies through wholesalers and distributors to resell to their clients.  Their business had done well for quite some time, but growth had plateaued and they were looking for new ways to appeal to customers.  After discussing with their clients, they learned that their customers didn’t particularly care about the big name brands on the products and would be just as satisfied to accept other brands with the same quality.

The company reached out to us at Rover to investigate opportunities to source similar products directly from manufacturers but with the addition of their logo.  Upon receiving samples and quotes, they were thrilled with the quality and price, realizing that they would be able to save hundreds of dollars per product in some cases due to the big brand markup.  In addition, they were able to print their own logo on the products and add custom configurations to their product line.

Since beginning work with Rover, the company has been able to save over $350,000 on product costs alone.  They have also been growing their own brand, leading to even greater results in increased revenue.

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