Who We Are

At Rover, we’re a group of manufacturing engineers who speak Chinese and specialize in helping you get the resources you need to grow to your next level. Those resources can come from both internal and external sources and we’re here to help you find them regardless of their origin.

You have unique insight into your business that will allow you to make positive changes, and we’ll be there to facilitate the growth. We highlight areas of potential, measure improvements, and offer the resources you need to directly impact your company’s ability to compete better in your industry.

Our Process

Our mission is to help you grow and succeed. That is why we take the time to not only understand your product but your business as a whole. Our five step process is designed to identify opportunities and needs in your manufacturing while also ensuring you get the best quality production every step of the way:

  1. Introduction – We want to get to know each other, make sure we will work well together, and figure out who all should be involved on both sides.
  2. Discovery – We want to make sure we are aware of and fully understand your needs as well as consider other potential areas of growth.
  3. Plan of Action – We will coordinate a plan of action including specific activities, timelines, and potential impacts for your business.
  4. Implementation – We will work together with your team to initiate improvements, provide appropriate training, and measure results of those changes.
  5. Follow Up – We want to make sure we meet your needs to your satisfaction and explore potential other areas for growth

Begin the five steps to successful manufacturing.


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